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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Old Laptop Refresh

I've finally decided to wipe the drive of my Toshiba Satellite and install a full (and only) install of Linux. It previously had WinXP and Slackware 10.2 dual-booting. It is now a blank drive. My intention is to put on it. This is a live security distro, but I wanted to give it a spin in a non-live environment by installing it on my laptop.

I created an 11GB partition initially and attempted to install the distro on it, but I had to kill the install, as disk space was at 96%! I was still able to boot the distro up but by the time I got around to creating a regular user, disk space usage was at 100%...the system wouldn't let me make any changes, because it had to track the changes in logs and such and since the drive space was gone, it couldn't perform seemingly simple tasks.

I ended up wiping the partition scheme and giving this install the whole hard disk. I'm about ready for the install to begin.

One thing of note: when installing this distro yesterday, the system began to complain that the CPU temp was extremely high and that it was going to shut itself down. It reported 91C, which equates to 195.8F. The laptop's CPU is a Pentium III 1.1GHz, which is a desktop CPU. I've propped it up so air can get under the unit during the install. Hopefully I won't run into that problem today.

I'll keep you posted.


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