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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The above kinda pisses me off. The content itself it stuff I read and hear every day in the newspaper and on television. I sympathized with the author until I saw that he tends to bitch about the Americans being there and the Americans not dying as much as the Iraqis. A life is a life...all those who've died have left loved ones behind. ALL OF THEM.

I didn't have to read the whole blog to understand that this person is basically anti-American. Hell, its her blog...she can say whatever they want. I don't have to agree with it, though, as a reader of that blog.

We should've just left after we'd gotten Saddam. Yeah, that's my feeling. In fact, we should never have been there in the first place...we should've let them suffer with Saddam in power. Everyone forgets what it was like in Iraq before all this crap started. Too many people are forgetful of things such as that. I hear Europeans always being so opinionated about the Iraq conflict, but you don't see their troops there, suffering along with other soldiers. Even so, its soooo damn easy to criticize when you don't know what the hell is going on. I know what's going on, military-wise. I was there back in 1991. I'm an ex-soldier and was an intelligence analyst with an understanding of warfare in the technical sense.

The author mentions the Japanese hostages.

Here's part of it...I'm quoting: "I'm so sorry... in spite of the fact that dozens of Iraqis are abducted and killed each day, I'm really sorry."

That's a bullshit statement. " spite of the fact that dozens of Iraqis are abducted and killed each day..." What's this crap? Who's killing dozen of Iraqis a day? Americans? Guess what? Some of the ones killing Iraqis are....Iraqis. Heh. How many Iraqi police have been killed by bombs to this date? I've no figures but I'll bet its ALOT. Maybe I should research that further. Anyways, nice thoughts there.

She says she's sorry...I don't sense alot of sympathy. I hardly have any sypathy myself -- for the Iraqi people, that is. I feel the Iraqis as a people aren't doing enough to help themselves. They need to police their own people, round up the bad apples...the ones causing problems, and set an example that'll shake all the other not-yet-caught terrorists, something like beheading. It would send a message: If you aren't for the Iraqi people's independence, you're against Iraq and troublemakers will be dealt with harshly. Give not a single terrorist a trial if caught. Kill them where they stand or capture them then publicly and brutally kill them, to set an example. As it is now, Iraqis aren't doing squat in their own country...hardly helping but just whining. It makes me wonder what'll happen when they're given control again.

I've yet to see a Muslim/Arabic country that governs itself strongly and also have NO terrorist ties. They either sanction it and nurture it or they're so weak that they have NO control over anything. For being so strong in the Muslim faith, they don't seem to care enough about their own countries' lifestyles...yet they're so critical of other countries.

Until I read of the author of this page doing something other than bitching about the problem (like offering to help, or offering some type of positive input that helps to fix what's broken), I'm writing the page off as another whiner, another person who wants to be "fed" and not willing to "feed" himself. If you can't help yourself or are unwilling to, as a country, WTF do you need help for when that help amounts to someone caring for you to the point where you'll never be able to help yourself? Too many damn handouts in the world today, with the people being helped bitching about the quality of that help.

Looks like my wife's 1-year vacation to hell (she was deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier) was in vain. I'll do my best to see that she doesn't do it again.

That's my piece of opinion on this, and I'm now out of here.


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