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Monday, February 15, 2010

Battlefield Bad Company Rant 2

The clan has decided to arrange a purchase of a BFBC2 server. I've decided to not cancel my pre-order of this game. I really hope that the issues get resolved. I've seen some fixes but not nearly enough to keep me confident that I'll get my money's worth out of this game. As it is now, I'm still playing COD:MW2.

Gamed for the first time in maybe 3 weeks last night (with MW2). I was used to BC2...its very difficult to go back and forth between these two games, as MW2 appears to be a LOT more responsive to mouse input and moving around the map. I was getting vertigo last night due to the inputs being a little too quick (moving left, right, or even going prone)...but note, this is in comparison to BC2. I didn't have this issue before BC2. This is probably why I thought that BC2 felt like the FPS movement was akin to moving in a vat of molasses. A clan member did note that the beta only enables one core to be enabled (dunno if this is true or not). Maybe this is why the game appears to be bogged down? I dunno about that...I've a ton of games that play on only one core and they're fine.

We'll see. For now, I'm still going to root for BC2 and hope things get better.

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