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Monday, December 09, 2002

Hi all.

Last night I broke down and purchased an AMD XP 2000+ and Gigabyte 7ZXE motherboard. Ran me $180, ($14 shipping). It should be here by the end of the week, hopefully.

I just got XP running good with this system. It sucks that I'll have to reinstall XP...I know the last time I swapped out motherboards and ran Windows, Windows didn't like the fact that I'd swapped such critical hardware. The system was acting all glitchy so I, basically, HAD to reinstall Windows ('98 in this case). I'm hoping I won't have to touch Linux all that much.

The new MB/CPU will replace my Tekram P6Pro-A5 and 500mhz Celeron CPU. Everything else in the box is pretty modern. I've 512MB RAM in this system and the new motherboard will be able to handle SDRAM. I can also get rid of my ISA soundcard, as the Gigabyte has an onboard card (AC97). It also has 4x AGP while the current MB only has 2x. The new board will capable of handling ATA66/100 drives, which is nice. It has 5 PCI slots and 4 USB ports. The best part was, when I bought it on eBay, the CPU was upgradeable from 1800+ to 2000+ for $25. I also bought a heatsink from them and that fact alone upgraded the warranty from 30 days to 365 days. The are mounting the fan to the CPU so I won't have to mess with that...they're also setting up the mainboard so I won't have to mess with CPU jumper settings; this is cool because this will be my first AMD system and the first MB/CPU I've purchased since '99. Motherboards and CPUs have come a LONG way since '99 and installing CPUs seem to be a bit more complicated nowadays.

Well, lemme get outta here...I could be catching up on some much needed sleep. I plan to go jobhunting tomorrow. Night all.


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