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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

BCBF2 - released 2 March 2010!

So, I get my pre-order yesterday (they put it under a was like putting a bed sheet under a 8x11 slip of paper).

It took like 20 minutes to install...I don't even know how big the full install was, but it took quite awhile longer to install than some of my other recent purchases.

Anyways, what's cool is that my friends listing from the beta client was imported into the new game...that is cool. I know that the data was probably pulled from some backend file on their servers, but it's cool nonetheless.

They've worked out a LOT of issues that the beta had...seriously:

1. Leaning and going prone was not implemented, but that's not a deal-breaker, as I knew they wouldn't budge on that. They stated that in their forums.

2. The movements of the characters are MUCH more fluid. The whole environment seems much less weighted.

3. The coloring is awesome! All the maps are HUGE, also.

4. There are multiple modes of play, sorta like MW2...I won't get bored or be forced to play Rush.

5. I can actually take down people with one shot now! No more hitting people dead-on and watching them impersonate Superman.

6. I can map almost all the keys now...they enabled the 'delete' key so that it can be mapped (you use the 'esc' button to erase a mapping).

Now, there are still some issues, but they should be worked out in time:

1. We (the clan) were having issues connecting to servers last night. We got a lot of 'could not connect' messages last night.

2. We played one game that was like 20 minutes long and two seconds before the end (literally), all of us got booted from the server (non-kicked). We lost ALL the kills and stats for that game. WTF??? That's a big issue...all of us were pretty angry about that, as we played very well. I believe the devs are working on that issue (so sayeth their twitter).

3. So, I'm in front of this guy who has an RPG and I run close for a possible knife kill (arm-length away). He pulls the trigger on the RPG, I vaporize into red mush and he's still alive??? Erm...they need to work on that.

4. Saw people with sooo many perks that it isn't funny. The game was JUST released. I believe people are using their own servers to pad their stats. Yeah yeah...I know it can't be prevented and that its an old issue...but its also irritating as all hell.

5. So, we got our clan server activated last night. I've the IP but found that there's no place to manually (as in, enter an IP of a particular server) join a given server. I've to try to find it via the server browser. That's not good, especially since our server had just been wasn't showing in the server browser yet. It must take some time for the server browser (and whatever is on the game's backend) to discover newly established servers.

6. My Thrustmaster joystick (T.1600M) still isn't recognized. I'm running XP SP3 and the system recognizes the joystick. It's a standard joystick (with a throttle on it, along with like 12 buttons and a twist grip). I don't know if I've to totally wipe the joystick mappings, but SOMETHING should be recognized. NONE of the buttons are working. Now, when I set up the client and configured the key mappings, I did not alter the mappings for my mouse...but the mouse worked. I think you see where I'm going with that. The joystick needs to work...seriously.

So, lots of notes, some good stuff and not so good. I believe since the beta issues were addressed so promptly, the issues with the production release should be solved rather quickly. We'll see.

But! We had some serious fun last night! Will be playing this game for awhile!

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