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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be accepted as a channel adminstrator for #slackware on I've not been there long...maybe since February 2002. I like being there, as I use Slackware, I share my knowledge with other Slackware users, I share basic Linux knowledge, and I also share overall tech knowledge. A few of the people there are pretty cool. I'm glad to share my everyday life there.

Anyways, robrock, the channel owner, gave up the channel tonight. I dunno why. I know he's been pretty stressed with work and trying to move into a new house and all, but it doesn't feel the same without him. And to top it off, he gave the channel to lilo, the server owner and administrator. For some reason, I don't like lilo. I do love helping maintain that channel. Maybe that fact will help balance my dislike of lilo. We'll see. I'd hate to have to leave. #slackware has changed alot in the last few months. I can see why robrock got frustrated with it, as there has been numerous trolls attacking the channel. Also, there seems to be an influx of new people frequenting the channel...that's not bad in itself, but there's alot less respect coming from them than previous visitors. To top it off, the channel split off a few months ago, leaving the Freenode #slackware with minimal adminstrators. I guess that's why I was taken into the fold...

I hope the next few days/weeks are positive concerning these thoughts...


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