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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I should be sleeping (10pm CDT here) but I still need to eat, there's a TV show on Discovery Wings that I want to watch, and I've recently picked up some of my old C++ books that I had stashed away (I'm trying to refamiliarize myself with C/C++ again). It looks like I may not be in bed until around 12:30am.

I just decided to drop in and maybe delve a bit into this blog again to see if I can customize some things. I must say that it's pretty cool to be able to have this blog on my owned website instead of going thru That's the most likable thing about, IMO.

Well, lemme get to customizing! :o) it working somewhat. I can now actually see my changes but now I'm having a problem with changing templates...they won't change and none of the images are showing. I may just wait until later on tonight to work on's more work than I thought.

Welcome to my new Blog. I'm coming from and this is (at the moment) more of a comparison between the two weblogs than an actual attempt to log anything. Whichever I find more useful, I'll keep using. EDIT: I've just found out that Blogs are harder to set up than Xanga logs. I'm attempting to use Blogger with FTP to my web host. Grrrr...