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Saturday, November 02, 2002

STILL have very intermittent mail and webhost services. This is NOT good, especially when you pay $120-$130 a year. Not good at ALL. Complaining about it on their support page doesn't seem to help either and they keep saying that things are fixed, which is NOT true. I can access any other webpage or email, just not THEIRS. Crazy...

I finished downloading Debian 3.0's 7 CDs last night (well, .iso files that I burned to CDR). I'll try an install on the 120GB drive sometime today. Wish me luck!

Friday, November 01, 2002

Today I'm downloading Debian 3.0, by way of jigdo

The URL explains all, but its a way of speeding up the downloading of Debian ISOs. How? By going to Debian mirrors, downloading all the files that are usually on a Debian ISO, then compiling an ISO using the collected files. Very nice!

My webhost has been up and down all week. Kinda makes it hard to get email: when I check the email, its usually down. When I attempt to upload files to my webspace, the site is down. All week long. I've emailed them twice in the last two days, and I'm about to email them again. They claim some hardware broke, but does it take a week for a 'professional' domain host to fix a hardware problem??? And I just renewed my services with them. I'll not make that mistake next year. Time to start looking for another host.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

That's what I'm currently looking over. I need to get my life straight and the first step, IMO, is reevaluating my life with Christ. I don't remember the last time I've been to church and plan on going this Sunday with my daughters. I need to study scripture as I've been studying computers and Linux, so I searched, using Google, for Bible studies and came up with the above link. I'll study it further after the kids go to bed.

root@400mhz:/home/ron# df -a
Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda6 7936256 2984084 4542520 40% /
/dev/hda5 15522 3718 11003 26% /boot
/dev/hda1 1434960 1266140 168820 89% /dos1
/dev/hda8 2072211 5442 2066769 1% /dos2
/dev/hda9 2072211 1317661 754550 64% /dos3
/dev/hda10 2072211 512020 1560191 25% /dos4
/dev/hda11 2072211 1785252 286959 87% /dos5
/dev/hda12 1888896 48 1888848 1% /dos6


I'm hoping my wife will be home within 30 days, although it looks like she may be leaving again, thanks to Bush and Saddam...we'll see...

The kids were in daycare yesterday, from 9 to 5. Man, I missed the house being so quiet...I didn't know what the hell to do! I needed to go cut the grass but the grass was still wet. I did a little laundry, then went and cashed some rebate checks. While at Ft. Hood's Power Zone, I bought the PS2 game, Sly Cooper. AWESOME game! I highly recommend it! I played it for a few hours (it has been almost 5 months since I played a console game), and developed a throbbing migraine, took a motrin then went to sleep for about 30 minutes. Picked up the kids (they seemed to enjoy their day...almost 4 months since they'd been in daycare), went home, cleaned, cooked dinner and put them to bed. Afterward, I talked to my wife a bit, then passed out on the couch while watching Discovery Wings.

I'm playing with Apache Webserver, just to get a feel for it. I dunno if I'm gonna use it all that much. I'm trying to learn different things about Linux besides administering my machine and Apache seemed to kinda grab at me. I still need to upgrade, as I'm running 1.3.26...I'm sure there are a few bugs in that and I don't want an insecure webserver connected to my IP.

I'm thinking on installing OZ again on my Zaurus PDA. It's been a few months since I've played with it and I want to see how much it's matured. I dunno though...last time I installed it, it was high maintenance. I need something that's ready when I use it, without having to tool with it to get it to do something.

Well, lemme get to bed. I hope you all have a nice day tomorrow (today, actually).

Monday, October 28, 2002

My mom-in-law went home today. We were all kinda sad. The girls were sad because they really enjoyed her (I did too), and I was sad because I enjoyed having an adult to speak to and her helping with the kids. She was a HUGE help.

I think I'm gonna buy Sly Cooper for PS2. I saw it on The Screen Savers (TechTV). Very NICE looking game, with good play. I'll add it to my collection.

Tomorrow, I'll install QNX on a partition on that 120GB drive I just bought. I'll also maybe try to install a different distribution...something that's on Maybe Vine Linux. I'd seen that one when I was in Japan and was interested in it.

Well, the girls go to daycare tomorrow for the first time in months. Tonight, I need to get their bags ready (diapers, milk, and such), and lay their clothes out so I'll be ready to go as soon as possible tomorrow.

Well, gotta go. Night.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

My children have been soooo loud all day long. I can barely keep my sanity. One's trying to throw her independence around with me, and the other is potty training and keeps wetting her training pants because she doesn't want to quit playing when she wants to go when she needs to.

I swear, I can't take another six months of this!!! I think I'm gonna move to N.C. and pack up my house things and put them in storage. I'll hate not having my things with me but I can't take them with me.

I've got 3 potential jobs that I have to respond to by 1 Nov and 7 Nov. I'm trying to find the time to fill out the applications (government jobs at the CIA and DIA) but I've known about the jobs for almost a week and still haven't found enough time to even look at the postings (wife gave me the info). :o(

Well, gotta get the kids ready for bed...later.

Well, I took back the 80GB 7200RPM WD hard disk that was only showing 32GB. All I wanted was an exchange for a new one but they didn't have them in stock, so I went 120GB 5400RPM WD instead. :o(

I don't get this...Tekram ( had BIOS ROMs for flashing and the latest one wouldn't read 80 or 120GB drives. Granted, this is an older motherboard, but damn...It'll read a 60GB drive fine. I had to use alternate jumper settings for this drive to even be detected, then I had to install EZDrive. During the EZDrive install, these warning messages kept popping up, stating I couldn't use XP/NT with this drive since the BIOS was old.

I'm wondering if there are aftermarket BIOS tweakers out there. I bought a replacement BIOS when I thought the current BIOS was messed up...bought it from a company that specializes in BIOSes...dunno if they actually flash them with upgraded code though.

Well, I'm gonna call it the night. Laters.