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Saturday, April 19, 2003

OK...XP is now fine. Sound is now fixed and it seems stable. The only thing left for me is to update the 17" LCD monitor.

I got my fix of VietCong tonight. Tomorrow I'll install Battlefield: 1942 again.


Friday, April 18, 2003

I spent ALL night workin on Windows XP. I'm still at a pretty fresh install. I FINALLY got the video drivers to take. For some reason, I couldn't get XP to accept the Radeon 7500 drivers; I tried all last week. Then last night, troubles kept cascading. When I got XP to take the vid drivers, the DVD burner drivers got corrupted. Since they got corrupted, I couldn't access the DVD (or CDROM) disk to access fresh drivers. I finally pointed XP to use the drivers in the Systems folder instead of System32 and it worked. I don't know if that was the proper thing to do but it fixed the problem. Now I have audio problems, which also popped up last night after the video and DVD driver issues. Things just kept cascading. At one point, it hated the audio drivers so much that XP wouldn't lock up unless I restored from the last restore point...XP would lock up at the beginning of the bootup process. :o/

Well, I guess I'll fool around with getting the sound to work, as I really want to play some games. I bought a new one last week: VietCong.

Well, its getting busy here (at work). Gotta go.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Yuck...something is definitely going wrong with my blog posts. I've no idea what yet. I just tried to look into it and the template itself seems fine. Maybe its

Let's see how THIS post posts.

I installed Slackware 9.0 Saturday/Sunday (midnight-ish). Looks VERY nice. I'm most definitely buying Slackware 9.0 when I get the chance, sometime soon.

I also installed FreeBSD 5.0 Friday night, to replace my 4.7 install from last year. It's treating me well, so far. I'm still duking it out with X, trying to get it to run with this ATI Radeon 7500.

Also, I did a fresh reinstall of XP and it's now giving me problems. It won't let me install display drivers (looks like when XP installed, it put the display into 'hardware' mode, along with the monitor). I've been trying to hash this out the last few nights and I no longer know which way is up concerning XP and these monitor and vid card problems. Time will help me...that's all I have is time.

Well, let's see if this entry posts well. Cya later.

I updated and

That's about it.

Excuse the lack of linking with the above URLs but it's late and for some reason, when I post and publish this entry, it keeps hanging at the URLs and screwing up the rest of the entry. I'll debug it later, hopefully].

Well, I was messing with getting FBSD back onto my system. I've already got an install but the drive its on isn't active. I bought a new IDE card and added it to the system but cannot figure out how to boot from that device. The current LILO that I have won't boot from that IDE. I may have to switch drives around, once I fix what I messed up last night: EZ-Drive was on the first drive and now will not let LILO boot the system. I've tried running 'lilo' in a terminal but that won't fix it. I need to remove EZ-Drive but need the disk that the drive came with to do it and that's in Texas. I can still boot OSs, but only with boot disks. Grrrr...

Well, goodnight.