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Thursday, January 02, 2003


Happy New Year!

What have I been doing with my computers lately? Not much, actually. I've been gaming ALOT. Q3A with this Athlon CPU is STRONG! So is Unreal. Then, this Christmas I got Strike Fighters: Project 1. My wife also got me UT2003, which is awesome!

My brother-in-law called me up about 2 weeks ago. While he was on a european business trip, a lady in his company quit. They needed someone to fill in the slot ASAP and its a network security position so he asked me. He sent me some documents to read up on regarding security. I know some...I'm gonna teach myself some of it as I go...I need to get familiar with TCP/IP. I'll worry about that when I get there. The job also requires I know a bit about every OS, security-wise (Linux/Unix, Mac, Windows). I hope this works out for me, as I have to leave my family in Texas (the job's in Northern VA). So, I leave here Tuesday or Wednesday next week with my car packed to the bone and with a cartop carrier. I've to make sure my car has its fluids changed, I'll take some tools, I've to make sure I've decent casual work clothes, cold weather shoes, jacket, coat, my Athlon box, my laptop, my computer books, my computer games, my Zaurus, my software binder, and other things.

A few weeks later, my wife will move our household onto Ft. Hood, all on her own, managing two kids. This is a bad time for me to leave but I've had NO offers all year and I don't want to let it pass. My wife may also be deployed (due to current events), so I have to be flexible, as my kids may have to eventually go to Virginia with me.

I bought my wife Myst III for Xmas. It's sooo finnicky. Out of 3 systems and 2 OSs, it will only run on my Athlon box, which has XP. The maker only recommends it run on W98,W95 or ME, but I couldn't get it running on W98, so I run it on XP on the Athlon desktop. It won't run in XP on my laptop or my 400mhz XP/W98 desktop.

Which reminds me...I need to put Office 2000 on the 400mhz box for my wife, before I leave.

Well, lemme get to bed....goodnight.