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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Well, I bought a 17" Flatscreen LCD monitor last night. I was about to get the ViewSonic 17" but comparing prices, I got the MagInnovision instead. The ViewSonic was $499 after the mail-in rebate was factored in. I got the MagInnovision for $470, which will end up costing $420 after the rebate.

It has speakers, which I wanted since my sound system is in TX on my Slackware system. I can't tell you how much better computing looks after going from the 17" CRT in TX to the 14" CRT that I borrowed from my mom. The graphics are awesome, although the resolution was hard to set up compared to my Bro-in-law's ViewSonic. It didn't come with drivers and XP was being anal about it all...I had to boot into safe mode to even be able to get XP to run with it, then I downloaded the drivers and installed.

What's really cool is the clarity of DVD viewing with this particular monitor. I'll pop in Blade II tonight (IF I'm not playing Medal of Honor).

That's it for now, I guess.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Did some updates to the webpages since I've been snowed-in the last few days:

I also recently bought a Logitech cordless usb optical mouse and Logitech cordless usb keyboard. They work VERY WELL! I dunno why I haven't thought of buying them before now, but I'm in bliss. The mouse is also rechargeable!

I'm also getting a 17" flatscreen monitor this Friday (and a cheap desk to boot). I'm tired of this small 14" monitor and the monitor I'm looking at is cheap for a flatscreen (ViewSonic, I think it is).

That may be all I'm going to get for a long while, computerwise. I can't think of anything else...I could get a graphics card, although the one I have (ATI Radeon 7500) works well for me.

OK...I'm out for now. Later.