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Tuesday, March 11, 2003


Got Debian semi sorted out...still the occasional "Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:" for apps like 'gkrellm,' 'gtop,' 'xcdroast' and such, even as root (in an xterm, at least). Xhost doesn't seem to solve it...haven't tried xauth yet.

Other than that, I've not done much but play a new game I bought: Battlefield 1942 with the The Road to Rome expansion package.

Awesome game! I've played it almost nonstop with the single player missions. I doubt I'll play it multiplayer as I hate most multiplayer attitudes. I've been kicked from a number of Medal of Honor clan servers. These clans will kill their own teammates but when I get pissed and hunt the person (on my same team) who killed me blatantly, I get kicked. Online gaming just plain sucks sometimes. These little cliques ruin the game for alot of us.

Another reason I hate online gaming at the moment is that I'm stuck in my brother-in-law's bottom floor of his home and I'm piped into his internet service thru a wifi ethernet bridge...not really conducive to gaming...the bandwidth is there (10-11mbit) but for some reason, I'm getting bad latency, although my pings are low (in Q3A, its around 100-120...that's not bad). It has to be the fact that I'm using wifi with online gaming, as the same thing happens with MOH. The same thing doesn't happen if I play MOH on my bro-in-law's system, which is connected directly to his router. Oh well.

I'll get started on my Bowling blog soon...within 2 weeks, as my daughters are coming up for a visit for a week...I'll probably not have time to set everything up this week.

I bought an 80GB Seagate 7200rpm drive on Saturday, along with an ATA100 IDE pci card. I had maxxed out my IDE channels on my system and wanted to try to use the old 4GB drive that has FreeBSD installed on it. Alas, the tower I have has no more physical space for hard drives and I don't have my computer things with me (still in TX). What's in TX that I need is the hardware kit that lets me use a cdrom bay with a hard drive. For now, I've put the 4GB drive in the top bay behind the floppy, but the IDE cable won't reach the mainboard area with that setup, so I need a longer IDE cable...24", preferably. Then, I'll be able to continue to use FreeBSD without doing a fresh install.

I've also got QNX installed on the new drive...version 6.2 I think. It installed fine, but won't recognize my usb stuff. It recognizes the keyboard fine, but I have the keyboard using a PS/2 adapter. The mouse is plugged directly into the USB port...QNX won't notice it and its hard to get around QNX without a mouse. Grrrrr.

Well, later!