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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

My wife came home today, so I've been really busy with the family. The babies are so excited that they didn't want to go to sleep tonight, but I wouldn't allow them to stay up...they'd skimped on their naps today and were in serious need of sleep.

What'd I do in Linux today? Nothing, but email, a bit of web browsing, and IRC chatting. I still need to locate a good IRC info bot. I was attempting to use Amethyst but it segfaults after about 2 minutes of use. I suppose I can get rid of the admin bot (named 'sl-5500') since I also have 'chanops' in use. That still leaves me with a need for a good info bot, though. :o\

I also intend to update this site, now that I have blogkomm working...things like adding links and maybe even daily news.

What I want to start doing is either mention here what I do in Linux each day, or start a Linux Blog (or maybe even a blog for each distribution/machine I use). We'll see how much time I'll be having to myself once the wife gets back into the swing of things (and when I start job-hunting in earnest).

Well, gotta pillow is calling me!

Monday, November 11, 2002

I haven't been doing anything much the last few days...just trying to survive the kids. Becca's hair has now become long enough to where I can make pigtails. She just loves it. She usually just sits and watches when I do her sister's hair. I kept wondering why her's wouldn't grow. It could have been her bad case of eczema that was hindering her hair growth but since her face has been getting better, her hair has been filling out and getting longer.

I haven't booted Debian 3.0 in a few days (5). I guess I'm having linux distribution overload. What I really want is to try Libranet 2.7, but I don't have that kind of cash onhand at the moment, so I'll stick to 2.0 and Debian. The Slackware desktop machine is fine...strong as ever. Currently it has a 7 day uptime. It would've been almost 2 weeks but for some reason, listening to .mp3s locks up the system, regardless of which player I use. Slackware doesn't do that on my laptop...weird.

I've been thinking about Japan alot lately. I REALLY miss it and the local populace. I guess coming back to the U.S. and it's rude people puts things in perspective. I miss everything about it, surprisingly. I used to hate driving to and from Camp Zama, but I'd not mind it now...I'd consider it a slight inconvenience. I miss my students (I was an English tutor) very much. I really really need to write them or at least send a few postcards. Emails only go so far.

Well, I'll go for now. I think I'll go to bed a bit early tonight, so I can wake up early and cook pancakes for the girls. They'll love that.


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