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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two Machines Dead!

I've had two desktops die.

One is a Linux machine. I believe the CPU or the mobo died, because it won't POST. I'm tired of opening it, as I just recently upgraded the motherboard and installed a dual core 3GHz CPU into it (the CPU burned out last year because the CPU fan had a short...I ended up buying a new mobo for it so that I could use an older CPU that I had on a shelf). This one may be scrapped.

The other is a recent purchase (2 yrs old) that I bought from TigerDirect. It was a bare-bones system. It works when I boot from a Live CD so I think something in it's Windows profile is jacked up. The MBR is also jacked and I can't seem to get it squared away. I can't find my Windows boot/install CD either. I've tried a Linux live CD that claims to restore Windows MBRs. I may have to isolate which drive has the MBR, though (it has 2 or three drives in it). I also don't want to wipe the drives, since the drives contain valuable data on them (I may not have a choice, though). In fact, this machine is a dual-boot machine (Linux). I'd recently added a new video card. Maybe the driver is hanging the boot process, as after I used that Linux live CD that supposedly restores the MBR, it began to try to boot up but hangs infinitely at the Windows loadup screen. I believe I'm close to solving the issue, though. This machine is a good machine...I may take the internals and move them over to that other busted box, as that one's case is pretty awesome.

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